What God Really Means: Interpreting the Qur’an

In the passage regarding the Qur’anic verse regarding the obligatory Friday prayer, the verbs “hurry” “cease” “disperse” and “seek” all were in the imperative form. Yet Mattson explains how scholars understand only the words “hurry” and “cease” to create an obligation. Thus, we are left with a complicated inference in which believers are required/obligated to act in certain ways.

We see here how messy it is for scholars to distinguish which verbs imply obligations and with only imply permission if they are all in the imperative form. This ambiguity of language and interpretation complicates the situation at hand.

I found this example to be a clear example of how ambiguous language is– a topic I have been interested in since the first day of taking this class.

This is ESPECIALLY important  since this issue is the basis that commenced the development of distinctive schools of interpretation.


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